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December 15, 2016. 6,229 1. Today the Arab American News begrudgingly reports, “We hate to do this but…investigators say that the Muslim girl lied about getting attacked by Trump supporters on a NYC subway. She was out drinking with friends and made up the story to ‘distract her angry father.’.

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Mosaic is the church Naeem leads. It is a diverse community who live by faith, are known for their love and are a voice of hope. It is our desire to reflect the diversity of our city, which includes people from different cultures, ethnicities, generations, socioeconomic status, education, and religious backgrounds.

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I am a religious person (non Muslim, that's relevant) and my boyfriend is an ex Muslim, an amazing man, but something bothers me. He keeps saying that he has to pretend to be Muslim for his family (that he visits rarely), so he asked me if I might pretend to be favorable to Islam, not wearing an hijab, but pretending to be almost a Muslim, once ...

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ISIS Causing a Crisis of Faith for Muslims — A Discussion with My Muslim Family on Christmas Day. December 28, 2014 1. For a while now I have been involved with anti ISIS activities and groups. I visited Muslim refuges who ran away from ISIS controlled […]

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#exmuslim 53.9M views. Page not available. Looking for videos? Try browsing our trending creators, hashtags, and sounds. ...

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We aim to provide a platform for ex-Muslims worldwide, and aspire to continue growing by offering a catalogue of testimonials geared at supporting ex-muslims. It is our mission to contribute to the removal of the existing taboo surrounding peoples choice to abandon religion. It is our further goal to provide ongoing support for those who seek ...

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ExMuslim TV is a humanitarian short-video platform. We put a spotlight on those facing imminent danger and provide a safe space for any ex-Muslim to speak up. Our primary mission is to bring ...

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I'm Abdullah Sameer. I create content on Islam from the lens of a former believer. I was a Sunni Muslim for over 15 years who created large websites such as Lightuponlight and Versebyversequran. I ...

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Victim of Islam. Pakistani Ex Muslim Atheist.

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